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Tentaka Kuni

Tentaka Kuni "Hawk in the Heavens" Junmai Sake 720ml


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Product Description

The hawk in the heavens sees far, and with keen eyes, and one visited founder Motoichi Ozaki in a dream shortly before he bought the brewery. Taking this as an auspicious sign, he named his new acquisition Tentaka Kuni, or Hawk in the Heavens. As it has operated for more than a hundred years, you have to credit Ozaki-san’s subconscious wisdom – and of course the care he and his successors (now in their third generation) take in making it. As a raptor, the hawk brings to mind a dry, pleasingly savory (umami) flavor profile, which Tentaka Kuni delivers. A heartier, earthier sake, with a nutty, earthy character, made from underground water sources in the Eastern Mountains of Honshu, it is dry and crisp, with chestnut and hazelnut flavors dominating the profile. As always with NWM’s selections, it is intimately tied to its place, to the extent that 80% of it is consumed locally, so we feel lucky to get it. Light, with yeasty touches and notes of fennel and lemongrass, it has a certain levitating effect, like wings. Pairing: . As a savory sake, it will pair well with sausage cassoulet, Fourme d’Ambert cheese, or porcini crusted filet mignon. SIZE: 720ml TYPE: Sake VARIETY: GOHYAKUMANGOKU REGION: Tochigi, JAPAN